At this year’s Jackson Hole Film Festival, participants won’t just be checking out screenings and making industry connections—they’ll also be helping the environment. As MovieMaker reported in its Winter 2008 story “Film Festivals Go Green,” film festivals around the country are hosting more eco-friendly events and promoting movies that follow that same tactic. According to the festival’s operations manager Tanya Mark, such activism is a priority for Jackson Hole’s future events. “We hope to lead by example and raise awareness among our local community as well as the film community,” says Mark. “By the end of the festival, attendees should be able to answer the question: What can I do to create a brighter future for our planet?”

For the 2008 festival, happening June 5 – 9, organizers will team up with local groups Zero JH, RRR (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and Teton Power to offset the event’s carbon emissions, cut down on waste and promote recycling. The festival will also sell green tags to attendees to offset their travel emissions, with profits going towards Zero JH’s “The Solar 4R Schools Program,” which supports solar installations for area schools.

Partnering with these pioneering organizations is a no-brainer for Mark. “We have incredible resources available in Jackson Hole to create a cleaner planet,” she says. “These three local organizations can assist us in our mission to initiate positive change within our own organization.”

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