The number one movie at the box office this past weekend was Jackass 3D, which made $50 million in its first weekend. In second place came new release Red (weekend gross $22.5 million), which apparently stars Helen Mirren with an automatic rifle and incidentally some other people as well, based on what the movie blogs have been saying. David Fincher’s The Social Network was bumped from the top of the box office to spot number three, with a weekend gross of $11 million and a total gross so far of $63.1 million. Secretariat was fourth (weekend gross $9.5 million, total gross $27.5 million), and rounding out the top five was Life as We Know It (weekend gross $9.2 million, total gross $28.8 million).

Other new releases included N-Secure ($1.3 million) and I Want Your Money, which made $279,240. Now that a documentary on fiscal policy has snatched up that title, any hopes that some refreshingly honest studio executive will use the title for a generic Katherine Heigl rom-com have been dashed. “But you guys, at first she doesn’t like him… then she does! Cha-ching!” New release Hereafter earned $231,000, inspirational legal drama Conviction pulled in $110,000 and Carlos earned $19,500 in two theaters.

Competing for the top spot next weekend are Paranormal Activity 2 (considering the surprise hit Paranormal Activity only had its theatrical debut late last year, it’s pretty astute of Paramount to hustle it out so quickly—actually it seems the title I Want Your Money could’ve been used here, too) and, in limited release, Knucklehead, Boxing Gym, Inhale, Kalamity, Punching the Clown, Rising Stars and The Tagwacores. Coming out a bit earlier is 11/4/08, which will be released this upcoming Wednesday.