Take the Role of a Visitor in the World You are Creating and Rebel.

Brillhart cited the “rebellion of visitors” when it comes to POI. “They don’t always look where you want them to, but you can leverage this!” She showed another of her VR work, Resonance, in which a high school student is playing the violin. Clearly the violinist is the POI, but if you turn away, you see the girl’s parents standing in the doorway watching, their expressions revealing some of her backstory. “When VR engages visitors back, that’s good,” Brillhart said. As you develop POI, rebel, and ask yourself, how could alternative POIs enhance your story? “VR has a different energy then film, so think about how much people will move,” she said. (You can read more details in Brillhart’s article.)

As you venture into this new territory, the best guideline you can follow is to be gentle on yourself. Even the experts are finding the rules as they go. MM

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