Iron Man 2 held onto the top spot at the box office this weekend, earning $53 million, with a total gross so far of $212.1 million. Spots two, three and four all went to new releases: two was Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood ($37.1 million), three was Letters to Juliet ($13.7 million) and four was the punnily-titled Just Wright, in which Queen Latifah plays a character named… Leslie Wright. D’oh ($8.5 million). How to Train Your Dragon is still in the top five after nearly two months, with a weekend gross of $5.1 million and a total gross of $207.7 million.

Out in limited release this past weekend were Princess Kaiulani ($184,750), Looking for Eric ($7,300 in just one theater) and The Living Wake ($4,800 in one theater).

Out next weekend is the final chapter in the Shrek series (probably… maybe) Shrek Forever After, as well as Macgruber (based on a “Saturday Night LIve” sketch). Several movies are out in limited release, including Chain Letter, Holy Rollers, Racing Dreams, Solitary Man, After the Cup: Sons of Sakhnin United and Perrier’s Bounty.