Founded in 2004, the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) is still a fledgling institution, but its keeping its footing in the world of moviemaking by constantly growing, attracting a bevy of film talent and boasting a truly one-of-a-kind setting.

Like its parent company Bigfoot Entertainment, IAFT is located on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. Dean Douglas Hersh calls the location “an amazing place for cultural, topographic and biodiversity.” He paraphrases Sam Goldwyn, asserting that “it starts with an idyllic tropical paradise and gets better from there.”

Cebu, known as “The Queen City of the South,” has historical roots going back as far as Magellan’s 16th century explorations of the island, and provides a rich and exotic backdrop to the top-notch moviemaking education. IAFT offers concentrations in both movie production and acting, including short-term workshops, corporate lectures and a now-famous Immersion Program, which allows students to complete their own reels in just one year’s time. On December 7, IAFT will hold the commencement ceremony for its first Immersion class, sending the graduates out into the world of moviemaking with a well-rounded body of knowledge and a uniquely international educational experience.

Under the shadow of Bigfoot, IAFT is able to provide its students not only with a great education, but also, according to Hersh, with an opportunity for “nations to come together and collaborate on the most sustainable of all projects—human creativity.”

For more information, visit www.filmschool.ph.