moviemakermag: @plazadeaubrey You were a producer on this film. Would you ever want to direct anything of your own? #FuckTheMonitor 

plazadeaubrey: Yes, I do want to direct. I went to film school and I’ve directed a lot of “private movies.” …Not like that. “Personal projects” that no one is allowed to see but me. But yes, I do want to direct, but I’m having fun acting right now and I don’t know if I would ever want to direct myself. That seems really hard.

elizabetholsenig: @plazadeaubre That seems really hard, because you’re probably your biggest critic. And you’re probably a control freak and a perfectionist with the things that you do.

plazadeaubrey: I just don’t want to watch the monitor.

elizabetholsenig: @plazadeaubre So you would have a friend that you trust?

plazadeaubrey: @elizabetholsenig Yeah, but then if you’re directing it, I feel like you have to suck it up and judge yourself.

elizabetholsenig: @plazadeaubre Because you’re going to have to watch it at some point.

moviemakermag: @plazadeaubrey Do you have any fears or reservations about directing? #PunchSomeoneInTheFace

plazadeaubrey: No, I’m not afraid of it. I just wouldn’t want to direct myself. That’s all I meant, because I also feel like, as an actor in a scene, I would always want my scene partner to feel safe with me and not judged, and if I knew that person was also directing, then I don’t know… it gets complicated.

elizabetholsenig: I’ve worked with an actor-director-writer combination and it was frustrating, because they did all three. They have a very specific idea in their head of how they think it should be acted. It’s a really frustrating experience to be in the middle of a scene with someone and they’re like, “OK, now take that line back.”

plazadeaubrey: Yeah no, I would punch someone in the face.

elizabetholsenig: That’s a hard thing, because then you’re like, “Can’t we just do the scene and explore?” But that would also be that specific person. Other people might do it differently.

Olsen and Plaza in a still from Ingrid Goes West, featured on the film’s official Instagram account

moviemakermag: @elizabetholsenig @plazadeaubrey Best memory of shooting @ingridgoeswest? #UnforgettableFire

elizabetholsenig: We had a lot of things working against us to get this film done. Are we allowed to say we didn’t want it to be a S.A.G. film, but then S.A.G. found out?

plazadeaubrey: @elizabetholsenig yeah, we can say that. That happened.

elizabetholsenig: Because now it’s a S.A.G. film, we ended up following the rules, and we had to change an entire AD team.

plazadeaubrey: Yeah, that was crazy. We had natural disasters happening. The fires of Santa Clarita shut us down one day. We were shooting in the path of the fire. We saw it coming at us. It was scary.

moviemakermag: @plazadeaubrey But you had to keep going.

elizabetholsenig: No, because we would have died!

moviemakermag: @elizabetholsenig oh, it was that close?

elizabetholsenig: Yeah, within hours, the fire was where we were standing. It was real.

moviemakermag: @plazadeaubrey being a producer did you feel added pressure?

plazadeaubrey: Oh yeah, I was losing it.

elizabetholsenig: I was really aggressive.

plazadeaubrey: @elizabetholsenig You did the right thing.

elizabetholsenig: I was like, “What? This is stupid! We need to leave, I’m going.”

plazadeaubrey: She got in her car and zoomed away.

elizabetholsenig: I did, me and the DP.

plazadeaubrey: Smart.

elizabetholsenig: Technically what was happening was that since the AD is responsible for an entire crew,  I think they wanted to make sure that everyone had maps, in case our phones weren’t working because there wasn’t a lot of service. I was like, “I know how to drive, left is fire, right is not fire. “

moviemakermag: @elizabetholsenig That sounds logical.

plazadeaubrey: And I just stayed and shot some B-Roll.

elizabetholsenig: @plazadeaubrey No you didn’t.

plazadeaubrey: I didn’t.

moviemakermag: @elizabetholsenig @plazadeaubrey Will Taylor and Ingrid ever be friends again?

elizabetholsenig: I think they maybe could exist as neighbors, but I don’t think they’ll be friends.

plazadeaubrey: I don’t think they’ll be friends either, but I do have to say that I feel like Taylor is a really good person actually, deep inside, and I feel like she actually would reach out, because she’s a sweet person, but friends, I don’t know.

L to R: Plaza, Jackson, Jr. and Olsen promote the trailer for Ingrid Goes West in a post on Spicer’s Instagram account

moviemakermag: @elizabetholsenig @plazadeaubrey @hellomattspicer Is anybody real on social media? #DontBeFake 

elizabetholsenig: I don’t think so.

plazadeaubrey: No, it’s not real. It’s never real.

elizabetholsenig: You’re making too many decisions. You’re making an image that’s supposed to represent something, and you have to write something that might be clever or is exactly what is happening in the picture.

plazadeaubrey: You have too much control over it for it to be totally authentic.

elizabetholsenig: I think some people are better at making it seem authentic.

hellomattspicer: I think you can be authentic on social media. I think you just have to ask yourself, and really be honest with yourself, “What am I hoping to get out of this?” I think somebody like Ingrid, I don’t think, until the end of the film, that she’s being honest with herself, with what she’s feeling and hoping to get out of this. I think she does have a kind of epiphany at some point, but then that creates its own issues that we leave at the end of the film, which is, “Is she going to continue being this authentic version of herself, or is she going to fall back into her old habits again?” That’s what we wanted to leave the audience with, and hopefully create a conversation on the ride home from the theater. “What does it mean, and how does it apply to my own life, and how I use social media? Am I like Ingrid, or am I like Taylor?” You’ll be comparing yourself to characters in the film. MM

Ingrid Goes West opens in theaters August 11, 2017, courtesy of Neon and Mongrel Media. Featured image courtesy of Mongrel Media, all other images courtesy of Instagram.

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