Inglourious Basterds
directed by Quentin Tarantino
Nights of mild unrest and fear of disappointment that accompany a serious expectancy have finally come to a close. Weary eyes will no longer scour for obscure and cryptic clips, or re-watch the few trailers (each differing minutely from the other) on the over-visited, bookmarked pages of the Internet… Okay, maybe you’re not that excited about Inglourious Basterds, but an overwhelming number of zealous Tarantino fans and judicious moviegoers are, who have been itching for this release since the project’s initial mention 10 years ago.

Take note that while the film is not a remake of Enzo Castellari’s Italian film of the same name, it is Tarantino’s blood-spattered homage to the old war film, inevitably replete with references and reflexivity.

Undoubtedly some apprehension lies in casting choices—most recognizably Brad Pitt, as well as Mike Myers. If Pitt hits all the right notes it could be Oscar gold. In addition, trading in his beloved torture porn for what he deems “Kosher Porn,” is Hostel director Eli Roth, who savagely kills Nazis with a sense of vengeance not unlike that of his own sadistic convoluted creations, but with formal military garb and much more furrowing of the brow. Also look out for the comedic B.J. Novak of “The Office” fame in what may be a shining moment.

Post Grad
directed by Vicky Jenson
Alexis Bledel stars as the film’s titular post-grad student who returns home without a job, thanks to the recent economic depression. Post Grad ironically seems like what would happen if “Gilmore Girls” was renewed for another season (only replacing laid-back, cool mom Lauren Graham is the little-seen Michael Keaton). By the looks of the trailer, the film looks a little too believable, perhaps rendering it dry and vacant of any movie magic and Hollywood soul. But, all advertising aside, if well written, the movie could be an under-the-radar female coming-of-age hit.

My One and Only
directed by Richard Loncraine
In My One and Only, Anne Deveraux (Renée Zellweger) journeys in search of a new husband down the East Coast where—the millionaire prospects include Chris Noth and Eric McCormack. As the cheeky, go-getter housewife in this 1950s period piece, Zellweger is sure to be engaging, but what else is new? (Maybe it’s time for a more dramatic role, Renée). Perhaps look to her sons, played by the up-and-coming actors Mark Rendall and Logan Lerman, for some memorable on-screen moments. My One and Only looks delightful in a congenial, well-mannered sort of way, no more provocative than the era it depicts. 

Casi divas
directed by Issa López
Released in Mexico last year and well received by audiences, this bright and comical film zeroes in on four young women, each different with their own ambitions, competing for the acting role of a lifetime. While Casi divas may mark many viewers first exposure to the female director Issa López, but it will certainly not be their last.