Unless an independent film gets financed by a large company, you aren’t likely to find it at your local Blockbuster. But IndiePix is changing all of that. A Web-based service dedicated to offering hard-to-find indie films, it’s like having a film festival, featuring more than 3,100 films, in your very own living room.

The Website finds award-winning films from festivals around the world and gives them the distribution and, in some cases, the funds necessary to broaden their audience. Says IndiePix president Bob Alexander, “At some level, we invest in every film and filmmaker we take on for distribution. We prepare artwork, jacket designs, label designs, DVD authoring, manufacturing and so on. Plus we engage in promotion and publicity for our titles and we work with the filmmakers to get them in front of their audiences.”

In order to make the Website more accessible to audiences, IndiePix has developed a new navigation system called Discovery Engine, which allows browsers to discover films from the indie scene. In many cases, these films are available to download directly to DVD. But IndiePix always has the moviemaker at heart. Each film is watermarked, protecting the content by tying it directly to the service that created it. In addition, approximately 60 percent of the profits go directly to the moviemaker.

IndiePix gives independent films the opportunities of Hollywood by capitalizing on the convenience of the Internet. “The range of human experience is so broad and there are so many powerful voices in the independent film community that we cannot permit just a few decision makers to prune, select and manage what we see and hear,” says IndiePix chairman Barnet Liberman. “’Breaking down the barriers’ is what we called it, and it’s how we think of it. “

For more information, visit www.indiepix.net.