28 Weeks Later…
directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
The follow-up to 2002’s successful 28 Days Later takes us back to London, where the Rage virus has been contained. Does anyone actually think it’s going to remain that way? Expect sprinting zombies, shotgun blasts to the face and at least one terrified child. Days director Danny Boyle produces, passing the director’s reins to Spaniard Fresnadillo. The first one offered an original take on the living dead, so expect them to hit the ground running with the sequel. (That was terrible, we apologize.)

Georgia Rule
directed by Garry Marshall
This is the movie that earned Lindsay Lohan a public scolding from Morgan Creek’s CEO James G. Robinson regarding her unprofessional behavior on set. Hopefully the lessons her character learns from a hard-talking grandmother (Jane Fonda) are just as entertaining. Lohan has since said her “underperformance” was due to a tough breakup during shooting. Her love affair with teenage girls everywhere, however, seems to endure. (We will decline further comment in the interest of preserving Lohan’s sobriety.)

Delta Farce
directed by C.B. Harding
C.B. Harding directs the most important film of the year. In this, his magnum opus, he illustrates the modern and nuanced American Soldier, proving why TIME named him “Man of the Year.” Larry the Cable Guy shows his range in this taut war drama. Oh wait, a pun! Hilarious! Three drinking buddies are misidentified as Army reservists and flown off to Iraq–only to end up in Mexico. Are things going to get wacky? Sir, yes, sir!

The Ex
directed by Jesse Peretz
Zach Braff stars as a slacker-turned-breadwinner who is hired by his father-in-law when his wife stays home to care for their newborn. Jason Bateman plays the titular ex-boyfriend. Bateman is the man. And with the inclusion of Amanda Peet as the wife and Amy Poehler as anything, there’s some definite comedic potential here. We’re even willing to give Braff a pass on The Last Kiss and be optimistic about his return to comedy (and slackerdom).

–Kevin McCarthy