directed by Catherine Hardwicke

This highly anticipated adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s wildly popular novel centers on Bella (Kristen Stewart), a misfit teen who falls in love with mysterious classmate Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) without realizing he’s actually a vampire. As their relationship deepens, Edward must resist his cravings for her blood and is forced to defend Bella against his family, who find his new girlfriend delectable. Opening day pre-release tickets for the romantic vampire drama have sold-out at many theaters across the country. Don’t be surprised if Twilight, due mainly to its massive teen-girl fan base, becomes the breakout end-of-the-year hit.

directed by Byron Howard, Chris Williams

This latest Disney animated adventure, filmed in eye-popping 3-D, revolves around a celebrity dog (voiced by John Travolta) who’s the star of a hit action TV show where his fearless stunts and amazing feats draw big ratings. After he’s accidentally shipped from Hollywood to New York City, Bolt slowly realizes he doesn’t have superpowers and must rely on his actual skills, and the help of some new friends, in order to make it back home to his owner and co-star Penny (voiced by teen sensation Miley Cyrus). Early reports indicate the most memorable star of the movie isn’t Bolt but a dimwitted, overweight hamster named Rhino, who accompanies Bolt on his perilous journey back to Hollywood and provides much of the comedy. This family-friendly entry should bark up big business opening weekend and continue through the Thanksgiving holiday.

directed by Hal Haberman & Jeremy Passmore

Veteran character actor Michael Rapaport plays a lonely parking meter reader who experiences a bizarre reaction to the anti-depressant he’s testing. When the medication leads him to believe he possesses super powers, he starts dressing and acting the part of a superhero (replete with a cheesy homemade costume). The corporation behind the drug, in fear of bad publicity, sets out to bring down the “superhero” who, in turn, hones his abilities to battle his new arch-nemeses. Early reviews report that after a comedic beginning, an unexpected tonal shift launches the movie into darker territory. Whether Special becomes a quirky, original take on the tired superhero genre or a misfire like similar pseudo-superhero movies like Mystery Men or Blankman remains to be seen.