The Company Men
directed by John Wells
This movie, which follows three men dealing with their company’s corporate downsizing, seems like the anthem for everyone who’s felt a hit during the recent recession. Starring Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, and Tommy Lee Jones, it won’t fall short on delivering well-executed and heartfelt performances across the board.

The Rite
directed by Mikael Håfström
Even before the Salem Witch Trials or The Exorcist it’s been hard to resist the pull of anything involving the possession and expulsion of evil spirits. The Rite combines this age-old desire with everyone’s favorite villain, Anthony Hopkins. Although there may not be any award-winning performances packed into this one, it seems hard to pass up seeing Anthony Hopkins possessed by the devil.

The Roommate
directed by Christian E. Christiansen
If you thought the only thing that could make Single White Female better was if it took place in college, had more nude scenes and was more Sapphic in its undertones, then your wait is over. Unable to conjure any fresh ideas for how to scare young girls or get boys to flock to theaters, The Roommate is sure to be chock-full of the exact same thing we craved in 1992, except now we’re more lax with the ratings. So if you’re in the market for a cheap thrills horror flick, The Roommate is sure to please.

directed by Alister Grierson
Just when we thought we’d all had about enough of James Cameron’s multi-million dollar play date with 3D technology he rears his head again, but with some sense of grace and a minor reverie for his Titanic days (too bad there can’t be more classy disasters like that). As Executive Producer, Cameron takes his 3D technology in a different direction with Sanctum, based on the true story of co-writer and co-producer Andrew Wight. Sanctum follows 15 divers who find themselves trapped in one of the least accessible caves in the world when a freak storm hits. With Cameron most likely calling the shots, Sanctum will undoubtedly have enough effects and money behind it to entertain you for all 109 minutes.