Introducing the Dwights
directed by Cherie Nowlan
Chock full of standout supporting roles from Down Under comes the story of a young man madly in love. But when it’s time to bring the little lady home to meet the folks he’s more than a little wary. Starring the lovely Brenda Blethyn, who received a standing ovation at Sundance this year for her role, the film captures the hilarious and heartbreaking journey of an overprotective, jealous mother struggling to keep her handsome, virginal 20-year-old under her thumb. Richard Wilson plays the challenged brother who alone has the most insight into the wacky family, and Frankie J. Holden is the meek father still clinging to his dream of becoming a star. From its high acclaim at festivals this year, the dramedy promises to be truly moving entertainment.

directed by George Ratliff
Critics are calling Joshua the smartest horror movie since The Shining. That’s not hard to believe considering that the most recent scare-fest box office hits seem to compete for the most blood and torture-induced screaming. Joshua, played by Jacob Kogan, is a sociopathic child with evil intentions. In the vein of films like The Bad Seed (like little Rhoda, Joshua also plays a grand piano with chilling intentions) the film seeks to terrify psychologically rather than with gory effects, teasing with its social irony and hitting our deeper social fears. Mounting dread and tension lead to the downfall of the perfect Manhattan family, and the movie manages to play with a parent’s worst nightmare. With the Sundance ’07 Best Cinematography Award under its belt, Joshua looks to be off to a haunting start.

License to Wed
directed by Ken Kwapis
Anything with Mandy Moore just happens to ooze cheese, so it’s a sad day when this pop princess and Robin Williams end up in the same romantic comedy. It makes you wonder how desperate Mr. Williams must be these days. The plot revolves around a crazy marriage counselor/reverend who puts a young couple through grueling tests to prove they are ready to tie the knot. Spying on them and pushing them to the breaking point, will the pair make it through all the slapstick? Go see it this weekend to find out–before it leaves theaters as fast as it came!

directed by Michael Bay
If you were a 1980s kid you know all about Transformers, those alien robot toys that could pop, lock and load into monster machines. This week they came to life (finally!) in theaters. When the earth suddenly becomes the battlefield for dueling, high-tech aliens threatening human life, there’s only one thing to do: Fight back with nonstop action and a few corny one-liners. Of course, unlike the 1986 animated version of Transformers, this time there’s a hot leading babe (Megan Fox), shining with sweat as she huffs and puffs, running around after Shia LaBeouf (Disturbia) to save the world in very little clothing. The movie will certainly give some a hit of nostalgia, but don’t expect it to go much more than skin deep–or should we say sheet metal deep.