Hamlet 2

directed by Andrew Fleming

This new comedy starring British comedian Steve Coogan was one of the first films to be pick up at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It was also caught in a bidding war among competing studios, but finally sold to Focus Features for an uncommonly hefty price of $10 million (as much as Little Miss Sunshine). At that high amount it better be hilarious. The movie depicts Coogan as a high school drama teacher who is known for putting on unusual productions (think adaptations of Erin Brockovich) and hatches plans to launch a sequel to Shakespeare’s famed Hamlet. Catherine Keener, David Arquette and Amy Poehler co-star.

Death Race

directed by Paul W.S. Anderson

Paul W.S. Anderson’s (not to be confused with Paul Thomas Anderson of There Will Be Blood) first feature film was banned in some cinemas throughout his native England due to its extreme violence. Anderson then moved on to adapt the murderous video game Mortal Kombat and more recently adapted the sci-fi game Resident Evil into three feature films. The director’s latest action-packed thriller, Death Race—which he wrote, directed and produced—follows a three-time speedway winner (Jason Statham) who is wrongly convicted for murder and is forcibly involved in the prison’s own car race—a deadly competition for freedom.

The Rocker

directed by Peter Cattaneo

Co-written by Maya Forbes of “The Larry Sanders Show” and Wallace Wolodarsky of “The Simpsons,” The Rocker just may become the comedic hit of the summer. Rainn Wilson, best known as “The Office” geek Dwight Schrute, hits the big screen with his first leading role as a washed-up 1980s rock star attempting to make a comeback via his nephew’s garage band. Wilson is pictured on the film’s poster holding drumsticks and wearing nothing but skimpy underwear and cowboy boots, which makes the movie seems pretty hilarious even at face value.

The House Bunny

directed by Fred Wolf

Writers Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith—the dynamic duo who brought you such memorable (and not-so-memorable) chick flicks such as 10 Things I Hate About You, Legally Blonde and She’s the Man—have teamed up yet again. Directed by longtime head writer for “Saturday Night Live,” Fred Wolf, The House Bunny tells the story of a booted Playboy bunny (Anna Faris) who soon finds herself leading a group of socially inept sorority girls. Sound familiar? A blonde who always wears pink (and occasionally a bunny suit), set within a college sorority. Nope… couldn’t be Reese Witherspoon’s Legally Blonde.

The Longshots

directed by Fred Durst

Fred Durst makes movies? The answer is yes, apparently. Limp Bizkit’s lead singer has ventured into the world of moviemaking and has picked up rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube along the way. Their new movie, The Longshots, depicts the true story of the young Jasmine Plummer (played by Keke Palmer of Akeelah and the Bee), who was the first female to play in the Pop Warner football tournament. To prepare for her role, Palmer trained with a professional quarterback for seven weeks. That’s dedication. In fact, so is seeing this movie just because you call Limp Bizkit your favorite band.