The MAGMA Film Festival, a groundbreaking hybrid event, made its inaugural mark in the heart of Madrid’s Artistic Metropol on June 30. Directed by visionary Ares Sirvent, famed for his films “Frank,” “Bichos,” and the eagerly anticipated “Asier” set for its world premiere at the 59-year-old Festival International du Film Amateur de Kelibia in Tunisia later this week, MAGMA is a beacon of impactful cinema.

The in-person festival screened a range of films, including “CITIPATI” by Andreas Feix, “MOUNSTRO ESPAGUETI VOLADOR” by Pedro Enaya, “GENESIS” by Ester Moyá García, “PRISONER” by Ingrid Franchi, “MALYSHKA” by Daniel Peña, “MIA MOGLIE” by Ana Liébana, “CLAMIDIA” by Lina Frank, “VUELVE A QUERERME” by Lucía Zamora, “CUANDO SE HUNDIERON LAS FORMAS PURAS” by Alfredo Picazo, and “LIKE ME” by Boris Schipper.

The 2024 jury boasts a line-up of esteemed professionals: Ares Sirvent, Boris Schipper, Ester Moyá Garcia, Cameron Veich, Jesus Plaza, Laura Martín García, and Thomas Lunde. Together, they promise to bring an enriched perspective to the film selection process, embracing MAGMA’s ethos of prioritizing impact.

After the successful in-person gathering, MAGMA takes a digital turn with a virtual cinema from the 15th of September, giving enthusiasts worldwide a seven-day exclusive window to experience the festival’s offerings.

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About MAGMA Film Festival:

Championing films with deep impact, MAGMA is a cinematic revolution founded by Ares Sirvent. With a fusion of in-person and virtual events, it showcases narratives set to awaken a generation.