The question used to be: What happens when an actor can’t land another part? Now, with no end in sight to the writers’ strike, the question becomes: How can an actor make some money when movie production has come to a screeching halt? Either way, it seems the answer is: Go to work at Bel Air Foods, of course. Apparently, that’s the place to shop to catch Illeana Douglas and her pals Ed Begley Jr., Justine Bateman and Jane Lynch, who all star in the Web comedy “Illeanarama: Supermarket of the Stars.”

Based on Douglas’ 2004 short film, Supermarket, the five-episode series follows the newest employees at the market–out of work actors. Whether by choice or through the fact that there are no other options, the actors find themselves making money as cashiers, cart pushers and managers at a small gourmet in the Hollywood hills. Finding little success on cable television, “Illeanarama” debuted Online and quickly became a popular favorite on YouTube, finding 100,000 viewers its first day online. Proving its merit, the series recently won TV Guide’s first Online Video Award for Ensemble Cast.

A humorous take on an actress’ devotion to her craft, Douglas, who is the writer and star of the online hit, likely gets her popularity and laughs from inserting little industry gems into each vignette. You’ll find her character comparing a ketchup spill to a Brian De Palma movie and pointing out to her acting manager that she has a job, it’s just not one that pays him 10%, when he tries to get her to read a new script. Look for highlights to include a one-woman show in the bread aisle that leads to a cameo by none other than Mr. Jeff Goldblum and lunchtime Actors Anonymous meetings with a gathering of friendly, familiar faces.

Episodes of the series can be viewed on YouTube or by visiting SXMedia.