I Used to Be Famous Ed Skrein
Ed Skrein as Vince in I Used to Be Famous courtesy of Netflix

Netflix has released the trailer for a new British drama about a washed-up boy band member who forms a promising new band with a talented autistic drummer. I Used to Be Famous promises a complicated but heartwarming redemption story starring Ed Skrein and Leo Long.

Skrein, known for Dead Pool and Game of Thrones, plays Vince, a former pop star of the boy band Stereo Dream. Newcomer Leo Long, whose only previous credit is in the British drama series Professor T, plays Stevie, the young autistic drummer who gives Vince hope of making music again.

I Used to Be Famous hits Netflix on Sept. 16.

“I was in a band once,” Vince says in the trailer. “But things changed.”

Finally working on his solo album, à la Hugh Grant’s “Pop” frontman Alex Fletcher from 2007’s Music & Lyrics, Vince happens upon Stevie when he’s feeling lost and alone. Together, they attract at a crowd with an impromptu street performance that leaves them both feeling hopeful about starting a band together.

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“Vince used to be in the hottest boy band around. Now the troubled former popstar is alone and desperate. He dreams of making a comeback and starts performing in the streets of Peckham, in the hope that someone, anyone, will listen,” reads the official Netflix description. “An impromptu jam with Stevie, an autistic young drummer with an incredible gift for rhythm, sparks an unexpected friendship between the two misunderstood musicians. Together they form a unique bond through the power of music.”

Directed by Eddie Sternberg, who also co-wrote the script with Zak Klein, I Used to Be Famous is the feature version of Sternberg’s 2015 short of the same name starring Naomi Ackie, Tom Bacon, and Byron Konizi. This is Sternberg’s feature directorial debut following his other short, Out of Body. 

Watch the trailer for I Used to Be Famous above.

Main Image: Ed Skrein as Vince in I Used to Be Famous courtesy of Netflix