Looks like those dragons have some staying power. A last-minute look at last weekend’s box office revealed that How to Train Your Dragon actually came in second, not first. Though Kick-Ass edged out How to Train Your Dragon by a very small amount last week, it appears that this week the 3-D kids movie actually did come in first, even though it only earned $15 million (total gross $178 million). Second place went to the Jennifer Lopez artificial insemination comedy (there ought to be more of those—oh wait, Jennifer Aniston’s The Switch is coming out in August) The Back-up Plan, which earned $12.2 million in its first weekend. Third place went to Date Night, which earned $10.6 million, bringing its total gross to $63.4 million. New release The Losers took spot number four with $9.6 million, and last week’s number one movie, Kick-Ass, fell to number five, earning $9.5 million. All this means that Clash of the Titans is out of the top five; today is a day of mourning.

The only other new releases were the documentary Oceans (it’s about… oceans), which earned $6 million, and Behind the Burly Q, which earned $4,300 in one theater.

Out next week is Jackie Earle Haley’s turn as Freddy Krueger in the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Also being released is Furry Vengeance and, in limited release, Harry Brown, Mercy and Please Give. Hopefully next weekend will see more people going to the movies than this weekend did. I, for one, am anticipating big things for Furry Vengeance.