A new iPhone/iPod Touch application developed by an ios app developer aims to help moviemakers by making storyboarding an easier and more efficient process. The Mobile Storyboard Composer, called Hitchcock, has been released by Cinemek Incorporated. It enables users to create storyboards on the iPhone or iPod Touch by importing or taking a new photo and adding markups to denote the use of a dolly, zoom or pan. In addition, the Live Playback feature of the application allows users to note the duration of each panel, so the pacing of the sequence can be observed in real-time. Once the storyboard is complete it can be turned into a PDF and sent out via e-mail.

In a time when fewer and fewer moviemakers are storyboarding their films due to lack of time or money to hire a storyboard artist, Cinemek founder and CEO Jonathan Houser notes that “I am confident Hitchcock will be an important tool to assist storytellers of any medium to better visualize and share their ideas with others.”

Hitchcock is available for download on the Apple iTunes app store for $19.99. More information can be found at http://www.cinemek.com/hitchcock/.