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Discover New Technology at HD EXPO New York

Discover New Technology at HD EXPO New York

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Want to learn more about the latest innovative film technology, and even try it out yourself? Then HD EXPO, making its New York City debut on September 25th, will be right up your alley. This exclusive trade show features keynote speakers and intensive workshops that will allow participants to hear how top leaders in the entertainment industry are applying the most up-to-date innovations in their current work. Participants will then be given the chance to test out this eye-popping technology on the HD EXPO exhibit floor.

MM spoke with HD EXPO’s CEO/founder Kristin Petrovich about the upcoming event.

Kyle Rupprecht (MM): Next week, you’ll feature your first HD EXPO NYC. What was the deciding factor in finally bringing the event to the Big Apple?

Kristin Petrovich (KP): It was a decision that we made after much thought and conversation with our community of experts, exhibitors and friends. We have to ensure that we deliver the level of event and workshops that are known for in the other markets where HD EXPO is established—Los Angeles and Chicago. What the final decision came down to was an outpouring of requests from our community to launch in NYC. So far the response and support has been amazing, and we anticipate that this show will grow into a two-day event in 2009. We are very excited by the reception and feedback we’ve gotten. Thank you Big Apple for this opportunity!

MM: What are some of the events/workshops that participants can look forward to attending? Are there any events that will relate specifically to the NYC film scene?

KP: HD EXPO takes place on September 25th at The Waterfront on 28th Street between Eleventh and Twelfth Avenues. It’s free with pre-registration by September 23rd at 12 noon (follow this link to register: We are extremely proud of the caliber of panels and education being presented at HD EXPO NYC. There are three powerful panels and four INTENSIVES (two-hour educational sessions sponsored by Adobe, Panasonic, NeuLion and BandPro). There is an evening reception (5 – 7 p.m.), which is open to all attendees, hosted by MovieMaker and HD EXPO. The panels feature some great speakers from the NYC film scene and the INTENSIVES are ideal for attendees who seek focused information. Just to give you a sampling of credits from our panels: “Desperate Housewives,” “Sex and the City,” Michael Clayton, ESPN HD and ESPN2 HD, MLBNetwork, NFL, Akamai, Syriana—- the list could go on and go. We are presenting the vanguard and trend-setters. And the final Conversation of the Day features some of the most intriguing, cutting-edge content makers and marketers: Campfire, The advanceguard, Hill & Knowlton and Time Inc.

In addition to HD EXPO on September 25th, there are hands-on workshops that take place prior—Lighting, Filters and Gels for HD (this is the launch of this workshop), P2 Camp and Posting Tapeless Workshop. These workshops present high-quality training for individuals dedicated to perfecting their craft. All of our workshops are taught by professional for professionals. (Visit for more information.)

MM: Who is the ideal HD EXPO attendee? Someone who works on the technical side of moviemaking, or would it also be of interest to a more general audience (those in search of the latest, innovative technology)?

KP: All of the above! HD EXPO speaks to the content creator, be it an indie moviemaker, editor, producer, cinematographer who works in any aspects of video, HD, film, broadcast, Web, 3-D—we truly have something for anyone in the content world. Take a look at our panels for the HD EXPO NYC; we have a sports panel, an editing panel and The Conversation with new and emerging media experts. Our panels present visionaries who address important topics that apply to content creation and distribution across the board. We do our best to bring quality information and education that serves the content creator.

MM: Overall, what do you hope participants take away from HD EXPO?

KP: Powerful knowledge, information and excitement for their craft and career. Our motivation is that HD EXPO enables our attendees and community to move their work forward and inspires them to properly understand and use every tool and development available to them. The vision at HD EXPO is to create venues where technology and creative vision converge. We have set out to deliver this in NYC.

MM: Anything else you’d like to add?

KP: If our NYC HD EXPO or workshops does not fit the schedule of the MovieMaker community, keep in mind we have our Los Angeles HD EXPO a month after—October 29th & 30th—with four workshops surrounding it and the launch of our Colorcamp 101 and updated variCamp with the 2700 & 3700 cameras. In addition to our expo and events, the MovieMaker community should check out our just launched membership organization, Creatasphere, at

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