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Crowdfunder Pick: “Goodnight”

Genre: Thriller short

Synopsis: Despite attempting to live a normal college life, Lisa is haunted by something abnormal that keeps holding her back. From a young age, she’s been tormented by a dark figure, while in a state of sleep paralysis. For some time, this went away, but as she was starting to get comfortable, anomalous nightmares and daydreams returned to her. With the help of her boyfriend, Richard, and best friend, Katherine, Lisa investigates her past. Although nightmares are what scare her most, she uses sleep to encounter this shadowman. Finding out what happened to her mother, Nancy, gives her profound confidence but facing her childhood trauma brings her more anguish and terror than she expected.

Writer-director George Heras

Cast: Cinta Laura Kiehl, a German-Indonesian actress, singer and model, as Lisa. Beginning her career in 2007, she has starred in several TV series, movies and endorsed several local and international brands. Since the start of her career, she has won numerous awards for acting and singing, two of which are from the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in Indonesia. Her first album sold over a million copies in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunnei. Kiehl graduated from the Jakarta International School with honors and is attending Columbia University in New York for her undergraduate studies. Aside from her professional and academic life, Kiehl also holds a charity foundation called the Soekarseno Peduli, aimed at rebuilding schools in Bogor, Indonesia. The foundation has cooperated with several multinational companies and NGOs, aiding more than 4,000 children since 2003.

Other talent to be announced.

Cinta Laura Kiehl, star of “Goodnight”

Crew: George Heras (director and writer), Pedro Gonzalez (assistant Director and writer), Mercedes Maria (producer), David Reyes (producer)

About the Moviemaker: A Bronx native who traveled to Los Angeles to pursue his career as a director while adding some Latin flavor to the film industry, George Heras graduated from California State University of Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in Television, Film and Media Production and a minor in Business Management. After graduating, he worked on various creative projects with companies such as Nike, Puma and Baldwin Hardware. He later founded his own production company, 163rd Street Films, where he has produced and directed music videos, commercials and short films. When Heras is away from the office, he spends most of his time with his twin sister and his cat and dog, Missy and Rexo.

Platform: Indiegogo

Storyboards for “Goodnight”

Request: “Our goal is to raise the hard costs to complete the film:

  • $3,000: covering rental cost for camera and lighting equipment. We want to ensure we provide our viewers with the highest video quality.
  • $3,500: to pay all six of our amazing cast members.
  • $4,000: to support the dedicated work of crew members who will be on set for three to five days.
  • $2,000: covering all film permits cost, location fees and short-term film insurance.
  • $3,000: In order to make the film look and sound the best it can be, we’ll need to work with an editor, professional audio engineers, a VFX artist and a colorist.”

Campaign end date: June 24, 2017

Crowdfund by visiting: Goodnight – a Sleep Paralysis Thriller