What better way to get Count Dracula in good spirits than donating blood this Halloween? Lionsgate Films and the American Red Cross, one of the nation’s largest blood collection organizations, are joining together for the Fourth Annual SAW “Give ‘Till It Hurts” blood drive benefiting the Red Cross. The blood drive is set to coincide with the Halloween premiere of SAW V, the latest entry in the gruesome Lionsgate Films horror franchise, opening nationwide on October 26. To learn more about how you can help make a difference by donating blood, visit the American Red Cross website and find a blood drive near you.

Since the first SAW blood drive in 2004, moviegoers have donated nearly 38,000 pints of blood to save as many as 112,500 lives. The blood drive will begin approximately two months before the premiere of SAW V and will continue through the first week of the film’s release. To find out if you can donate blood at a location near you, visit http://advision.webevents.yahoo.com/sawblooddrive/. Who knows SAW fans, you may even save a life or two.