xxx Who xx at Arrow Video Frightfest for the screening of xxx Film xxx on Monday 27 August 2018 held at Cineworld Leicester Square, London.

The UK horror Film Festival FrightFest has announced its lineup for the now virtual fall event, which will include seven world premieres.

The online four-day event will include special guest intros, Q&As, and short film showcases, FrightFest said in a statement. Free live events are also in the works.

“We will desperately miss seeing all of you in person,” said Alan Jones, FrightFest’s co-director, “but are looking forward to our virtual connection where we can say hello to the best family in the world, the FrightFest community. And if you’ve never experienced a FrightFest before, and have always yearned to join in with the fear, fun and fabulousness now is your chance to find out what you’ve been missing for 21 years.”

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The world premieres will include Patrick Rea’s I Am LisaRuben Pla’s The Horror CrowdLogan Thomas’s There’s No Such Thing As Vampires, G-Hey Kim’s Don’t Click, Toby Watts’ Playhouse, Francesco Giannini’s Hall, and Airell Anthony Hayles and Sam Casserly’s They’re Outside.

Tickets will go on sale August 1st, but films will be only accessible to those in the UK.

Here is the complete lineup:

Mark Fehse’s SKY SHARKS (UK Premiere

Logan Thomas’s THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS VAMPIRES (World Premiere)

Brea Grant’s 12 HOUR SHIFT (UK Premiere)

Patrick Rea’s I AM LISA (World Premiere)

Alastair Orr’s TRIGGERED (UK Premiere)

Ivo can Aart’s THE COLUMNIST (UK Premiere)

Ruben Pla’s THE HORROR CROWD (World Premiere)

Marcel Walz’s BLIND (UK Premiere)

G-Hey Kim’s DON’T CLICK (World Premiere)

Phillip G. Carroll’s THE HONEYMOON PHASE (UK Premiere)

Toby And Fionn Watts’ PLAYHOUSE (World Premiere) FIRST BLOOD

Airell Anthony Hayles’ and Sam Casserly’s THEY’RE OUTSIDE (World Premiere) 

Kodie Bedford’s DARK PLACE (UK Premiere)

Steve Villeneuve’s HAIL TO THE DEADITES (International Premiere)

Adam Stovall’s A GHOST WAITS (English Premiere)


Jesse O’Brien’s TWO HEADS CREEK (UK Premiere)

Renaud Gauthier’s AQUASLASH (UK Premiere)

Emre Akay’s AV THE HUNT (UK Premiere)

Francois Descraques’s DARK STORIES (UK Premiere)

James Mark’s ENHANCED (UK Premiere)

Tyler Savage’s BLINDERS (UK Premiere)

Dean Kapsalis’ THE SWERVE (UK Premiere)