When Frank Sheeran Dodged the Cops By Dressing as an Old Lady

This one sounds like something out of a cartoon, but as they say in the film, it’s what it is. Sheeran writes that after a shooting broke out during a 1967 Philadelphia labor dispute, he hid out in Newport, Delaware. Philadelphia prosecutors put out a warrant for his arrest. To avoid a flight charge for fleeing to Delaware, he had to sneak back to Philadelphia in disguise.

“So I got Bill Elliot, who had been a big shot on the Wilmington Police Department, to drive me to Philly. I wore a granny dress and a bonnet and turned myself in,” Sheeran wrote.

Here’s the real Frank Sheeran, by the way:

Frank Sheeran irishman

Frank Sheeran, not looking that much like Robert De Niro

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