Frank Sheeran The Irishman Jimmy Hoffa

Frank Sheeran tells a lot of stories in The Irishman, all of them taken from I Heard You Paint Houses, the book that provides the source material for the Oscar-nominated film. But director Martin Scorsese and screenwriter Steven Zaillian couldn’t include all of Sheeran’s wild tales… about everything from Frank Sinatra to a kangaroo.

Like The Irishman, I Heard You Paint Houses is told mostly from the point of view of Sheeran, the “Irishman” of the film’s title—and many have questioned his credibility. So we want to stress that these are Frank Sheeran stories—what Irishman doesn’t exaggerate a bit for the sake of a good story?—and not necessarily the undisputed truth.

Click ahead for some Frank Sheeran stories The Irishman left out. There are no spoilers about the film.

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