What makes a scene work?

Does it lie in the carefully executed plans of a film’s cast and crew? Or does the magic rest upon fortuitous mistakes, spontaneity and improvisation? What steps must be taken to convey your vision and intent? Watch our video series, Frame of Mind, to get answers to these questions and more from commentators working in a wide variety of areas in production who’ll guide you through clips from their films, in their own words. Moviemakers and film fans: Grab your notepads, popcorn, or both, and press play.

Having lensed every season of Amazon’s Transparent, cinematographer Jim Frohna has long developed a reliable rapport with series creator Jill Soloway, and their work together on the first season of Soloway’s post-modern rom-dramedy I Love Dick continues in that tradition.

In the videos below, Frohna shares his commentary on following the action of loosely performed scenes with handheld camerawork; using close-ups and wide-angle framing techniques to capture emotional states; the importance of being an “objective observer” of characters during pivotal moments in their stories; shooting off-axis to experiment with new approaches to traditional coverage and more.

What did you take away from Frohna’s frame of mind? Let us know in the comments below.

I Love Dick is now available to stream on Amazon Video. Video courtesy of Amazon.