Paul Mescal and Saoirse Ronan may be some of the most quintessentially Irish actors of our time, but they dropped their brogues for country-style American accents that are as worn-in and rugged as their old ranch house in Garth Davis’s Foe trailer.

Foe Trailer Features Paul Mescal and Saoirse Ronan

Set in 2065, Mescal, who earned an Academy Award nomination for his role in After Sun last year, plays Junior opposite Ronan as his wife, Hen. The young couple have started to grow apart despite their isolated life together on Junior’s centuries-old family farm.

“Do you feel happy here?” Hen asks Junior in the trailer.

“Of course, I’m happy here,” Junior replies. “Aren’t you?”

Everything changes when a mysterious stranger (Aaron Pierre) shows up on their doorstep offering Junior a chance to be one of the first people to pioneer a space program designed to help humanity transition to off-Earth living as the climate worsens and the government takes matters into their own hands.

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In order to prevent Hen from living alone while Junior is away, the stranger offers a solution: to replace him with a clone.

“I don’t want a robot living with my wife,” Junior says.

“Do you really want to leave her here all alone, day after day?” the mysterious stranger answers.

From Amazon Studios, the gorgeously shot film is based on the novel of the same name by best-selling author Iain Reid. Garth Davis directed the film and shares screenwriting credit with Reid.

FOE is executive produced by Dawn Olmstead, David Levine, Robert Walak, Samantha Lang, and Iain Reid. Kerry Kohansky-Roberts, Garth Davis, Emile Sherman, and Iain Canning served as producers.

Watch the trailer above.

Foe arrives in theaters on Oct. 6.

Main Image: Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal in FOE. Photo Credit: Amazon Studios.