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First Draft: Ten Ways Screenwriters Can Sidestep Writing for Free

First Draft: Ten Ways Screenwriters Can Sidestep Writing for Free

First Draft

10. Do What’s Right For You

If you want to make an exceptions throughout your career, as far as working for free, go for it. It’s when you start making more than those few exceptions that you come off as someone easily taken advantage of—and Hollywood can sense that like a shark can sense blood in the water.

Screenwriting is difficult. And it’s not just about putting together the script. It takes time to develop a concept and mold it into a cinematic prospect, let alone writing the damn thing through multiple drafts.

Would an architect work for free? Would a lawyer work for free? Would a teacher, engineer, or construction worker work for free? No.

Don’t let Hollywood take advantage of you and don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve. MM

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