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First Draft: Take Stock In These 99 Stock Characters You Can Write Into Your Screenplay

First Draft: Take Stock In These 99 Stock Characters You Can Write Into Your Screenplay

First Draft


A male athlete who is often muscular, but not very smart.


The captain or a similar leader who needs to be practical rather than emotional or distant, often having to make decisions in the middle of The Spock or The McCoy (see below).


A noble Knight on a Quest.


The Loner isolates him or herself and often struggles to connect with others. They feel alien to others around them (Theodore Twombly from Her or Jim from Rebel Without a Cause).


They don’t catch any breaks and always seem to get the short end of the stick. They are also either usually unmotivated and don’t care about how they are perceived, or they do and try to make the change, only to fail time and time again (Charlie Brown from The Peanuts and arguably the guys behind Pied Piper in Silicon Valley).

Lovable Rogue

They break the law and don’t always seem to care about anyone else, but they often show enough heart in the end for audiences to like them (Han Solo from Star Wars).


Star-crossed lovers who fall romantically in love, despite the constant conflict of other characters. They’re often from different sides of the tracks (Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria from West Side Story).


They have the strong ability to support others and always remain loyal in doing so despite their own lack of abilities and feeling of self-worth (Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes).

Mad Scientist

Usually insane or highly eccentric. They often play the role of the villain or antagonist and always feel that the science they are exploring is above and beyond any human rights issues or ethics (Dr. Moreau from The Island of Dr. Moreau).

Magician or Shaman

A man with special insight or mystical powers coming to the aid of the protagonist (Dick Halloran from The Shining).


Usually the innocent and pure female that is often in need of rescue. She can be naive, sometimes overly self-confident, and can be attractive but also child-like (Princess Fiona from Shrek).

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