Inside Felix & Paul Studios Filming With the Astronauts
Felix Lajeunesse and David Saint-Jacques in Inside Felix & Paul Studios: Filming With the Astronauts

What’s the best way to film in space? By making astronauts the film crew. Now you can learn how astronauts documented their experience in cinematic virtual reality on board the International Space Station in Episode 8 of Inside Felix & Paul Studios: Filming with Astronauts, available to stream now below and on YouTube and Meta Quest.

As the final episode of the Inside Felix & Paul series, this exciting peek into the art and technology of immersive storytelling features a talk with Studios co-founder Felix Lajeunesse and Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques as they discuss their collaboration to film aboard and outside the International Space Station (ISS) for the Emmy Award-winning Space Explorers: The ISS Experience series.

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Viewers gain fascinating insight into the unique perspective of astronauts in space, both regarding everyday life aboard the ISS, as well as the eye-opening experience of looking down at Earth from the Cupola window. 

Inside Felix & Paul Studios: Filming With Astronauts

Saint-Jacques also explains how filming Space Explorers: The ISS Experience gave him the chance to share the unique and powerful experience of the “overview effect” produced when astronauts see our planet from the perspective of outer space.

The episode also allows audiences to get to know the challenges of filming in microgravity and understand the unique approach the Studio’s filmmakers had to take in order to film in space.

Commemorating its 10-year anniversary, the eight-episode series by Felix & Paul Studios uncovers its history of pioneering storytelling and developing hardware and firmware tools that didn’t previously exist. 

The series is presented by Canon and shot using Canon’s RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye lens and the EOS R5 C camera.

Inside Felix and Paul Studios was written, directed and edited by Kalina Bertin and Ashley Duong. It was produced by Katarina Soukup and executive produced by Stéphane Rituit. Martin Gros and Daniele Tomelleri were the directors of photography, with original music by Jean-Olivier Bégin. Lajeunesse and Raphaël serve as creative producers.

Watch the full episode above and check out the trailer here.

Main Image: Felix Lajeunesse and David Saint-Jacques in Inside Felix & Paul Studios: Filming With the Astronauts