fslinconcenter.jpgIt’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the Film Society of Lincoln Center (FSLC) became the behemoth film hub it is today. What is certain, however, is that sometime between its founding in 1969 and today, the organization has supported the movie industry in every way available. Just count the premieres, retrospectives and film festivals held by the FSLC over the years and you’ll get a hint of what makes it the respected institution it is today.

Right alongside some of the biggest festivals each year, FSLC’s New York Film Festival is used by prominent moviemakers and lucky first-timers alike to screen new films each September. Without competition categories or prizes, the festival remains one of a few still dedicated to the true visual art that is moviemaking rather than the art of the deal.

Each year, the society holds programs at its own Walter Reade Theater, built in 1991. Richard Peña, program director at FSLC calls this the most significant advancement for the society. “Having our own space for year-round programs has enabled us to increase the impact of the work of the New York Film Festival, New Directors/New Films and Film Comment magazine exponentially, and soon the creation of our two new screening spaces (due in 2009) should have a similar effect.” From February 14 – 27, look for the Film Comment Selects series held at the New York theater featuring movies chosen especially by the staff of Film Comment.

For more information on this and other FSLC programs, visit http://www.filmlinc.com.

Sound Off: The Film Society of Lincoln Center opened its Walter Reade Theater 15 years ago in order to create a space dedicated to the exhibition of independent cinema. Would you be inclined to travel the distance to see a specific movie at a specially built theater, or are you more likely to go see whatever is playing at the theater nearest you? Let us know in the comments section!