Imagine you’ve finally made it: After years of slaving away, your little indie film has made it to a big-name fest. You schmooze with industry types, promote the hell out of your movie and audiences love it. But after the festival crowds have dispersed, you find yourself with no idea how to get your movie seen ever again. This is where Film Movement comes to the rescue.

“Film Movement started because we were tired of reading about great films… that we never got to see because they either never came to a theater near us or came and left so quickly that we missed them,” says Stuart J. Litman, CEO of Film Movement. “We decided to find a way to bring award-winning independent and world cinema from the festival screens to our screens.”

Each month, Film Movement members receive an award-winning film, hand-selected by the company’s curatorial board, on DVD. Which means that, with help from this innovative company, all those great flicks that don’t happen to fit inside current mainstream trends are finally getting the audiences they deserve.

As a plus, many Film Movement selections manage to reach an even wider audience than the thousands of subscribers. “Lots of art-house films cannot or will not get foreign sales deals until they have a U.S. distributor lined up, so signing with Film Movement helps in that sense,” adds Litman. By serving both underappreciated moviemakers and undernourished movie lovers alike, Film Movement truly has indie cinema’s best interests at heart.

Though Film Movement does not accept direct submissions for feature films, moviemakers interested in submitting their shorts for consideration may send screeners to:

Film Movement


109 West 27th Street, Suite 9B

New York, NY 10001

For more information or to subscribe, visit