The dress code this weekend is tattered clothing and rotting flesh—that is, if you plan on joining the World Zombie Day celebration in Philadelphia and New York City.

The festivities will take place on October 25 in Philadelphia and continue on October 26 in New York. Both ghoulish gatherings will feature the Living Dead Girlz zombie dance troupe (featuring Shannon Lark, Fangoria’s 2009 Official Spooksmodel), live bands, flesh hook body suspensions, sideshow acts and America’s Most Dangerous Game Show. Civilians can be zombie-fied for free at the first stop of each event.

The decomposing do-gooders will also participate in a canned food drive, for those who feast on edibles other than brains.

Doug Sakmann, director of the Punk Rock Holocaust series and co-director of the new movie Slumber Party Slaughterhouse, will host all events. For time and location details of both crawls, visit