Everyone’s Going to Die, a UK indie by British film collective Jones, has been selected as the winner of MANHATTAN SHORT’s 2014 Feature Film Project. The filmmakers have won the opportunity to screen their movie in 100 cinemas across the USA between March 6-9 with the potential reward of a full six-week release to follow. MovieMaker would like to thank everyone that submitted films for consideration, and congratulate the winners. Official Media Release and trailer below.

Feature Film Project2

New York, NY, February 3, 2014: MANHATTAN SHORT has selected UK indie Everyone’s Going to Die, written and directed by a British film collective called “Jones,” for the second annual Feature Film Project, screening between March 6and March 9, 2014 in cinemas across the USA. On these dates, audiences at each cinema will be asked to vote whether this film should return for additional screenings. If the majority approve, the film will return to each participating theater for screenings later in 2014.  The Feature Film Project is the brainchild of Nicholas Mason, founder of the MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival, a 17-year-old week-long event that takes place annually in over 300 cinemas on six continents.

Everyone’s Going To Die tells the story of Melanie whose life in a seaside town is going nowhere until she meets Ray, back in town with a shady job to do. A moment’s escape becomes a chance to save themselves, and each other. Everyone’s Going To Die is a modern British story about coming home, getting by and the redemptive power of feeling you’re not alone.


“There’s a wonderful crop of filmmakers coming out of the UK, and Jones are right in the mix of it,” said Mason.  “It’s what the Feature Film Project is about, giving audiences across the United States a chance to see a film that otherwise they may not have had the chance of seeing. Where the film goes from here is up to the public.”

Everyone’s Going To Die is produced by MANHATTAN SHORT alumni Kelly Broad (The Banker 2005) and is the first feature-length film directed by Jones. The film had its World Premiere at SXSW 2013 and was nominated for Best British Film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.  The film received special mention at the Dinard Film Festival, was nominated for Best UK film at Raindance London, and screened at Raindance Berlin and Mar del Plata in Argentina among others. It was nominated for outstanding feature debut at the British Independent Film Awards.

Everyone’s Going to Die is a independent film, so when we were making it the thought that we’d be playing to audiences across America would have seemed like a dream or a joke or a strange combination of both,” notes Jones. “We love the idea of this project. It’s not about your marketing budget. It’s about how your movie connects with the audience.  There’s something pure and beautiful about that.  It’s also exciting and, of course, emotionally risky. So be nice or we will hunt you down one by one.”

To find the growing list of participating theaters, visit www.TheFeatureFilmProject.com. Join MANHATTAN SHORT and audiences across the country as they help bring one of Britain’s up and coming filmmakers to theaters around the country!

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