eow-indie-orbit.jpgA new kid moved onto the block when IndieOrbit.com launched in early April 2007. Be wise and prepare for the revolution. Founded by William Cicchino and Los Angeles moviemaker Javier Ruisanchez, the young site offers its Web space and services to any artist looking for the next step in independent distribution. “Finding a distributor is the last link in the Hollywood chain holding back the indie filmmaker from reaping the profits,” says Cicchino. “I created IndieOrbit.com as an alternative.”

The site’s concept is “true Web distribution,” which means that for less than $200 your movie can be made available online to paying customers for a six-month period. That’s right—paying customers, plus space enough to sell advertising on your designated page. Which means you can make that money back and conceivably distribute your film for less than what you spent on crew meals for one week! You set the price and keep the rights with IndieOrbit.com.

“I see putting films on IndieOrbit.com as one of the standard steps in the process of distributing films, just as entering festivals is a standard now,” offers Cicchino of his hope for his online venture. “Whether as a sole form of distribution, a means to attract theatrical distribution or just a means to recoup some of your production costs, IndieOrbit.com will be a mainstream tool for independent filmmakers.”

Find out about IndieOrbit’s piracy protection enforcement (customers pay for a copy-proof, 48-hour rental) and other special features at—that’s right, you guessed it—IndieOrbit.com.

Sound Off: For worldwide distribution, which would you prefer: Getting into a few festival screenings or posting your film online on a site like IndieOrbit.com? Sound off in our comments section!

—Mallory Potosky