If thou stare long into John Malkovich, John Malkovich will also gaze into thee. And when he reads you a “requiem for humanity,” you should probably listen.

In director Sandro’s short film “Hell”—proudly presented as a MovieMaker exclusive—Malkovich dons military attire while standing against a backdrop of nightmarish projected imagery, and delivers the dialogue of Plato as a post-apocalyptic prophecy about the human condition. The film will either be bleak and disturbing or strangely comforting (or both), depending on how you’re feeling about the world these days, but regardless, it’s nearly impossible to look away from.

“Hell” is one of a series of ongoing collaborations from the avant-garde triple threat of Sandro, Malkovich, and composer Eric Alexandrakis that comprise their digital album, Hell on Earth. Another title in the series, a tribute to the works of David Lynch entitled “Psychogenic Fugue,” was shortlisted earlier this year at Cannes Lions. The 10-track, 23-minute soundtrack to your impending doom is now available on iTunes, but for now you can watch Malkovich perform its monologue of madness right here. MM