What’s the price one pays for a cushy job on Wall Street?

That’s one of the fundamental questions at the heart of Anthony Onah’s directorial debut, The Price, which centers around Seyi (Aml Ameen of The Maze Runner), a young and ambitious Nigerian-American climbing the ladder of New York’s increasingly infamous financial district. Amidst fraught familial relations, a rocky romance, and systemic classism and racism, Seyi struggles to make pivotal choices that may define his personal and professional legacy as one of either integrity or of corruption.

In this MovieMaker-exclusive clip, Seyi walks into his workplace and discovers that a group of investigators are arriving at the same time. Seyi becomes increasingly nervous as he watches them question his co-workers, knowing that his dubious business practices could be exposed.

“Having emigrated from Nigeria to the U.S. as a young child, it was important for me to show a different perspective of American life in The Price,” says Onah. Riffing on that idea, the clip plays out as something of a Matrix-esque depiction of the corporate machine that trades sci-fi trappings for themes of social and economic identity. The Price opens in theaters November 10, 2017 and is available on demand and on digital platforms November 28, 2017, but for now you can get a taste of its chillier thriller aspects right here. MM

Video courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films and Orion Pictures.