Adapted from his 2013 short of the same name, writer-director Vladimir de Fontenay paints a beautifully uncomfortable picture with his feature slice-of-wandering life Mobile Homes. 

Starring Imogen Poots as Ali, a homeless mother drifting from motel to motel with her eight-year-old son and adoptive boyfriend Evan (Callum Turner), Mobile Homes explores what it means to be in the world without a place to truly call home. Ali jumps and scrapes as long as she can, until she finds an alternative solution in a mobile home community. But Mobile Homes isn’t about the home itself. It’s about Ali’s survival of that and her son, and what it means to struggle without one.

In this MovieMaker exclusive clip, Ali finds the traditional means of doing things to be less-than-desired. Here, we see a temporary window into Mobile Homes‘ commentary of the restrictive systematic shortcomings of housing solutions.

Watch the trailer here. Then grab a coffee, eat an apple and enjoy the clip below.

“As a filmmaker I am interested in exploring people when they are down. Under these circumstances we see the core of what motivates and drives our human instinct,” Fontenay said in his director’s statement.

“In that space where we have nothing else to rely on but ourselves, our characters have to raise their voice, speak up for themselves and fight. Ultimately, they must make extreme decisions to defend their personal interpretation of what’s right.” MM

Mobile Homes opens in theaters November 16 and will be available On Demand and Digital HD January 22. Image courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment.