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EditFest Comes to New York City

EditFest Comes to New York City

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Touted as the first seminar of its kind about the art and technique of film editing, EditFest NY returns to Manhattan on June 12 to bring aspiring moviemakers together with some of the most sought-after editors in the biz. Presented by Manhattan Edit Workshop and American Cinema Editors, the weekend event offers attendees Q&A sessions, panel discussions and networking opportunities at an opening night gala reception.

“One of ACE’s highest priorities is to help educate and mentor the next generation of editors,” says A.C.E. President Randy Roberts. “EditFest is a unique opportunity for attendees to spend time with some of the most accomplished editors working in film and television today. We are very proud of this event and so pleased to be teaming up with Manhattan Edit Workshop to bring EditFest to New York.”

Launched in L.A. last year, EditFest comes to the east coast for the first time with some of the most respected and well-known editors working in film and television today. With panels including “Breaking Into the Editing Business,” “What’s So Funny: The Art of Cutting Comedy” and “Truth and Fiction: The Documentary Edit,” expert editors like Jay Rabinowitz (I’m Not There, Requiem for a Dream) and Meg Reticker (“30 Rock,” “Big Love”) will take attendees through the exploration of a career of editing as well as an analysis of their own work and careers.

“It’s a way for people to get in front of the best editors in New York, ask them questions, learn about the craft of editing in five panels and come back Sunday for a day of really unique training opportunities,” says Manhattan Edit Workshop founder Josh Apter. “There’s really nothing separating anyone who’s attending from the editors they’re going to be listening to; you can go right up and talk to them.”

One of the guest lecturers is long-time Martin Scorsese collaborator and three-time Oscar-winner Thelma Schoonmaker. Also amongst the guest speakers is post-production house Outpost Digital founder and Final Cut Pro expert Evan Schechtman, who’ll be teaching his first workshop at EditFest. “The breadth of knowledge he brings to a class like this is really unmatched,” notes Apter. “I don’t know anyone who knows as much about the technical side as he does.”

After two days of packed panels, EditFest NY closes with “Certification Sunday” and “Retool Bootcamp,” a training component added to the seminar to offer technical education, including a review and exam, for anyone looking to get certified as an Apple-Certified Pro. “I’d love for people to walk away with a bag full of creative and technical skills that they didn’t have three days before,” says Apter.

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