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Video Views Pick: Drag Me to Hell

Video Views Pick: Drag Me to Hell

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directed by Sam Raimi
PG-13; 99 minutes

The job of assistant manager at the bank is open, and Christine Brown (Alison Lohman), a bright young loan officer is up for it. But first she must convince the boss (David Paymer) that she is better than her rival by making the hard decisions. She gets her chance when Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver) comes in and begs for a third extension on her home loan to keep from getting foreclosed. Christine turns her down, and Mrs. Ganush turns violent, threatening to make the girl sorry. Frightened, Christine turns to her boyfriend Clay (Justin Long), who while sympathetic, finds her fears unfounded. But Christine insists on seeing a medium (Dleep Rao), who confirms that she has indeed been cursed. What follows are some of the scariest scenes on screen, including a horrifying séance and a terrifying trip to the graveyard. The excellent production values and humor injected in all the right places makes this film not just another horror film.

DVD Extras: Production featurettes

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