Despicable Me took the top spot at the box office this weekend; the new release earned $60.1 million to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s $33.3 million (total gross $237 million). The latter movie, now in its second week, lost more than 48 percent of its box office intake since last week. New release Predators took spot number three, earning $25.3 million. Toy Story 3 slid from third to fourth, earning $22 million with a total gross of $340.2 million. The Last Airbender rounded out the top five, with a weekend gross of $17.1 million and a total take of $100.2 million.

Other new limited releases were The Kids Are All Right ($504,888) and [Rec] 2 ($7,750).

Out next weekend are The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Standing Ovation and, in limited release, The Wild Hunt. Of course, all this pales in comparison to Inception, which comes out July 16th. The newest release from The Dark Knight‘s Christopher Nolan has been widely anticipated, and we can only hope it will live up to the hype.