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dc film alliance offers red carpet pass

dc film alliance offers red carpet pass

With the holiday season just around the corner, the DC Film Alliance presents a ticket package for the best film festivals in the Washington, DC area. The Red Carpet Pass includes screenings of a wide range of films, perfect for any movie lover.

The Red Carpet Pass is available for a $300 donation ($100 of which is tax deductible) and gives entry to the opening night screening and party for roughly two dozen film festivals, with new festivals added to the list each week. Buyers of the pass will receive monthly updates on upcoming festivals and how they can secure their seats for opening night.

The DC Film Alliance works with different media arts organizations throughout the Washington, DC area to bring film festivals, screening venues and other organizations for the film industry.

Current participating festivals include:
-Film Neu
-Our City Film Fest
-DC Independent Film Festival
-Film Fest DC
-Heritage Film Video Festival
-Politics on Film
-EuroAsia Film Festival
-Rosebud Film Festival
-Rappahannock Independent Film Festival
-DC Shorts
-Baltimore Women’s Film Festival
-DC Labor Film Fest
-Reel Affirmations
-Arabian Sights Film Festival
-Utopia Film Festival
-Spooky Movie
-American Conservatory Film Festival
-Georgetown Film Festival
-Washington Jewish Film Festival
-Capital Irish Film Festival
-Best of the 48-Hour Film Project
-VCU International Student Film Fest
-Indian Visions Films Series

For information on the DC Film Alliance visit For information on the Red Carpet Pass visit

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