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Things I’ve Learned: David Magee

Things I’ve Learned: David Magee

Things Learned


by David Magee

Usually the scenes you think are most important at the beginning of the process are the scaffolding that you cut away at the end.

Your writing is never as good or bad as you think it is, but it’ll more closely approach good if you believe it’s good from the beginning. And when you’re two months into writing something you know will take another two to six months, the hardest thing is to keep going. But you have to believe it’s worth writing.

Sleep on someone else’s ideas, even if you know they’re wrong.

The best ideas come in the shower.

Get a good coffee maker. I absolutely need a cup of coffee before starting work. I probably drink about six cups a day.

At the end of the day, what really matters are my kids in the other room.

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