David Fincher Did a Long Interview With Marc Maron That He's Too Much of a Perfectionist to Release, Maron Says

David Fincher and Marc Maron had a two-and-a-half-hour interview for Maron’s WTF podcast, but it won’t come out because the perfectionistic director thinks it could be better, Maron said on his latest episode.

“I did a two-and-a-half-hour conversation with him,” Maron told his guest, Jodie Foster. “And he didn’t think it was right. He wouldn’t let us release it. So I’m sitting on this two-and-a-half-hour conversation with David Fincher. He’s like, I don’t know, let’s hold off on it, because I think I could do more.”

Maron added: “He seems like this perfectionist, you know, tormented guy.”

Foster appeared on WTF to promote her new film The Mauritanian, but she also talked with Maron for over an hour about her entire film career — including her 2007 work on Fincher’s 2002 film Panic Room. She joked that she wished he wasn’t so driven by perfectionism.

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“He just makes me want to put my arms around him and tell him, you know what, it is gonna be okay. Like, chillax. And I love him for it. I love him that he is so committed,” Foster said.

“And he gives 100,000 times more than anybody else on that movie. I mean, and he can do any of our jobs better than we can. I mean, he’s a better actor than I am. He’s a better prop master. He’s a better DP. So I’m always just, bow down in the presence of somebody who really is just so gifted and so committed. But it’s hard to be David Fincher, I wouldn’t want to be him.”

They also talked about the main thing people mention about Fincher lately — his desire for lots of takes.

“He doesn’t drive me crazy,” Foster said. “I love him. He makes me laugh. And it’s true that it’s annoying that you have to do as many takes as you do. And I was pregnant… I was pregnant on Panic Room. And by the end of it, I was six months, or almost six months pregnant by the end of it. And by the end of it, I couldn’t move. I literally could not walk down the street. I couldn’t move. I had to go on bedrest after that for another three weeks. And. And despite all of that, like, I would just do anything for him. Yeah, I would do anything for that guy.”

Foster also talks with Maron about how she can see Fincher’s approach to moviemaking in his latest film, Mank — and she talks about her journey from Disney movies to Silence of The Lambs to The Mauritanian.

You can listen to the full Marc Maron interview with Jodie Foster here.