Dave Kajganich was named both one of Fade In magazine’s “Top 100 People in Hollywood” in 2005, as well as one of 2006’s “Ten Screenwriters to Watch,” by industry staple Variety. A former literature teacher, Kajganich caught Hollywood’s attention by selling a spec script called Town Creek.

Kajganich’s first screenplay to make it to the screen, however, is the current release The Invasion. The movie, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, is the third screen version of the novel Invasion of the Body Snatchers by Jack Finney. While the movie has been roundly panned by critics, the script went through a series of rewrites (including a rumored version by the Wachowski brothers), so it can not be considered his original vision. We’ll never know what Kajganich’s original screenplay looked like.

Kajganich has three more projects officially in the works, and is rumored to be working on remakes of three classic horror movies, including Pet Cemetery. Next summer Kajganich will come full circle when Town Creek, his story about a man and his brother on a mission of revenge, officially hits screens.