Membership in the American Society of Cinematographers (attainable by invitation only) is itself an honor; to be elected president a higher honor still. Accomplished cinematographer Daryn Okada has just been elected to serve as ASC president for a third term and is well aware of the magnitude of his position, “I feel privileged to be a part of this extraordinary group of dedicated filmmakers,” he acknowledges.

Okada, who has worked on such films as Anna Karenina, Lake Placid, Mean Girls and Baby Mama, has already begun to plan for his next year as president: “We are looking forward to a banner year… ASC has broken ground for the renovation of our historic Hollywood clubhouse [which] contains a treasure trove of early film history and is a constant reminder of our mission.”

However the president’s responsibilities for the ASC go far beyond clubhouse renovations. Okada must work alongside vice presidents Michael Goi, Owen Roizman, Richard Crudo and the rest of the board to oversee the 90-year-old society’s 250 active members and 150 associate members.