We are focusing on producing digital/HD content. Our productions aspire to be low cost & global without any preconceived limits on form or length of the content which presents creative spirituality at work. We also invite collaborations across borders on documentary productions on specific social issues. We believe in innovation through peaceful subversion of the proverbial precepts. We DO NOT wish to produce to fill the spaces in media channel, but fill spaces within us.

In keeping with its mission and philosophy, Culture Unplugged believes in playing the role of a facilitator with its offerings and passes on 100% of sponsorship/contributions generated directly to the film-makers, producers or distributors. Culture Unplugged believes in self-enabling all film-makers/producers/distributors who are willing to become part of the community and mission distribute their films/media per their preference. To furnish the request of some independent film-makers/producers, in the near future, we will offer a new revenue generation opportunity via the filMedia network venue.

Culture Unplugged Studios is organizing “Humanity Explored,” the next film festival where we gather and explore Our voice – as citizens of different locales of this earth, sharing the same cosmic resources that sustain life in us, dreaming the same future, experiencing the same fundamental emotions, living similar life stories, yet intensely feeling separation among us. Can we feel “interconnectedness” or “oneness” by sharing what fundamental emotions, needs and dreams unite us, and question/contemplate the divisive perception of “otherness?” Let’s celebrate our collective spiritual evolution by contemplating the contemporary cultures and societies, through cinema.