crowdfunding’s Ongoing Call for Crowdfunding Campaign Submissions to Spotlight the Front Lines of Film.


MovieMaker Magazine is looking for crowdfunding campaign submissions for our new web article series, MovieMaker’s Trailblazer Tuesday, to be launched in upcoming weeks on Every alternate Tuesday, our editors will select an online film campaign to endorse as our official Crowdfunder of the Week — a moviemaking cause that we feel deserves the awareness of a wider public.

Using online crowdfunder platforms to finance a movie is a fresh and increasingly popular solution for enterprising new filmmakers. MovieMaker believes that this is the new frontier of independent cinema — a democratic and inclusive way to let audience members have a say in the kinds of movies they see produced. With our critical eye and wide independent reach, MovieMaker’s curation will be the first step in the discovery of new talents, giving them the support they need to make their cinematic dreams a reality. We want crowdfunders that are genuinely worthy of backers – not star-studded, big-name fundraisers, but moviemakers whose projects would truly benefit from the kindness of strangers.

We will feature each pick in a short web article that links to the campaign page, outlines the nature of the filmmaking endeavor in question, and suggests the reasons we think it a great film to get behind. Please note, though, that because of the time-sensitive nature of crowdfunding campaigns, we will only consider campaigns that are active as of the upcoming Trailblazer Tuesday. Beyond that, all manner of feature films are welcome, both narrative and documentary, in campaigns from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and all other online platforms. Bring a great unmade film to our attention, and we’ll bring it to the readership of the most widely read independent movie magazine in the world.

To submit your project for consideration, please leave us a comment or email us at [email protected]. For more information on subscribing to MovieMaker Magazine, click here.