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Crowdfunder Pick: Female Friendly

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: After wild child Alex gets broken up with and good girl Catherine gets fired, these polar opposite best friends decide to start a female-friendly porn production company. Laugh out loud as you watch these lovable characters navigate the ins and outs (and in again) of founding a start up in an industry that has left women wanting for more since the dawn of the internet.

Female Friendly is a thoughtful female-driven comedy that uses humor to not only challenge the patriarchal exclusivity of the porn industry, but promote sex positivity and transcend ethnic stereotypes as well. The creators of Female Friendly are committed to progressing the narrative of women in film, so much so that their crew is comprised of 90 percent women!

Cast: Chelsea Alana Rivera, Taylor C. Baker, Mark Atherton, Lindsay Lamb

Crew: Chelsea Alana Rivera and Taylor C. Baker (creators/writers), Frankie Ingrassia (director), Kelly Peters (editor), Sonia Mokhtari (composer)

About the Moviemaker(s): Real-life best friends and former college roommates Chelsea and Taylor met in 2012 while attending the University of Texas in Austin. Much like their characters, Alex and Cat, the two are very different, but bring out the best in each other. Female Friendly is their love child, and they are seeking financial aid to put her through college.

Says Taylor: “Chelsea and I are incredibly proud of Female Friendly‘s journey thus far. We have been official selections at the Austin Web Fest, as well as finalists in the L.A. Scripted Comedy Fest. Additionally, both Chelsea and I received ‘Best Lead Actress’ nominations at Austin Web Fest. You can read more about us and our adventures here!”

Platform: Seed & Spark

Campaign end date: July 6, 2017 (10 a.m.)

Target Amount: $15,000

Current Amount: $5,689

Request: With the first two episodes completed and streaming on distribution platform Seeka TV, Female Friendly is currently in pre-production to finish our remaining nine episodes.

Female Friendly is not just a web series. It is part of something much bigger than online comedy. Let’s be real: It is 2017 and we live in a world that consistently tries to hold women back—one step forward, two steps back. Luckily, our voices united can, and will be heard.

Female Friendly is made for women, by women. We are taking control of our voices, our bodies, our sexuality, and our power. Not only does our story celebrate strong, relatable women—but our crew is composed of 90 percent women. With your help, we can procure the products and services that we need to tell this story. We are pleased to offer an exciting array of incentives, ranging from producer credits to a one-of-a-kind sexy ‘Mad-Lib’-style video story to a sexy, mystery gift from our sponsor, PinkBOB.

Our goal is to raise the remaining hard costs of completing the first season of our series:

  • $3,000 toward working with a professional editor
  • $1,200 towards a camera package
  • $800 for various props that will enhance our story
  • $1,000 to shoot one day at a bar/restaurant location
  • $3,000 for equipment rentals
  • $2,500 to cover the cost of food for the cast and crew. We’ll be pulling 12 hour days and so we’re committed to fueling our team with healthy, whole foods instead of the usual go-to: pizza (sorry pizza, we still love you)
  • $1,500 towards insurance. We’re going to be handling so much expensive equipment over our 10 days of production and while we don’t expect anything to happen, we are definitely covering all our bases with insurance.
    $2,000 toward a kick-ass (90 percent) female crew. These women work so hard and are so dedicated to our cause, so much so that they’re willing to work for essentially minimum wage. We truly cannot complete this project with out them!

With your support, not only will we be able to bring this hilarious story to life, but you will be truly be apart of our team. Together, we can and will progress the female narrative!”

Crowdfund by visiting: Female Friendly MM