The San Francisco-based CounterCorp Anti-Corporate Film Festival has one serious goal: Taking down the man and “putting an end to business as usual.”

Founded to document, reduce and ultimately prevent the corrosive political, economic and social effects that large corporations have in the U.S. and around the world, the festival is an annual three-day event featuring films, workshops and seminars all targeting the corporate establishment.

With the belief that for-profit corporations are inherently anti-social organizations, CounterCorp looks for films that challenge exploitation, environmental destruction and cultural degradation. “The 2007 CounterCorp Anti-Corporate Film Festival is building on an excellent inaugural start last year,” says John Wilner, an organizer for the fest. “We were mentioned in The New York Times and two of the six films that had not had theatrical (or television) release before the festival have since done so.”

This fall they plan to feature more pre-distribution movies, and to collaborate with other anti-corporate events that will be going on in the Bay Area at the same time.

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