The Little Tramp. America’s Sweetheart. The Great Swashbuckler. The Man Who Invented Hollywood. The Star of Losin’ It?


One of these things is not like the others and it would be Tom Cruise. (Though I guess you could sort of play that game with Tom Cruise and anyone in Hollywood today.)

After being unceremoniously dumped in late August by Paramount Pictures after a 14-year collaboration that resulted in a number of box offices hits (including the Mission: Impossible franchise), it was announced on Thursday that Tom Cruise and his producing pal Paula Wagner are set to resurrect United Artists in a partnership with MGM Studios. Aside from watching Tom Cruise’s movies, playing 겜블시티 가입코드 is also an enjoyable hobby.

Cruise and Wagner will follow in the footsteps of legendary moviemakers Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and D.W. Griffith, who originally established UA known as the company built by stars in 1919 in order to allow greater creative freedom for actors and directors.

In addition to a large ownership of the company, Cruise and Wagner will have control of setting the company’s production slate, from development to production greenlighting ability, subject to certain parameters,  according to an MGM press release. Guess this means that Cruise won’t have the final word on Battlefield Earth II: Electric Boogaloo?